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Wood Pallet Block Machine

Wood pallet block machine is used the wood waste, wood sawdust, and wood shavings, to make the pressed wood pallet blocks. The final products are pressed wood pallet blocks with a smooth surface and excellent waterproof quality, and they could be soaked in water for 48 hours without cracking, which is a replacement product used in European pallet.

Product Details

Now we have three models of machines with different capacities, single-head pallet block machine, double-head pallet block machine, and triple-head pallet block machine.

Wood pallet block machine is mixing with glue in the certain ratio, and extruding mouled pallet block by hot press heating pressure, and it is the ideal equipment for recycling wood waste.

Characteristics of Wood Pallet Block Machine

1. Pallet block features of wood pallet block machine: Free fumigation, water-proof, high nail holding ability, formaldehyde release conform to the national standard, and eco-friendly.
2. Wood pallet block machine could recycle the wood waste efficiently, and it is changing the waste wood into the pallet block, so it helps to protect the environment. The final pallet block could get the E1 grade. The finished pallet block can be solid without a hole in the middle and also can be hollow.
3. Personnel disposition: Production personnel 4-5 person per shift. And raw material sort (screening), drying, spreads 2-3 people, looked that machine 2 people (a person may look at two machines).
4. Wood pallet block machine is easy to operate, and 1 person can look after 3 working machines. Just set the parameters of wood pallet block machine and feeding raw mixed materials, then waiting for the out pallet blocks. The final products of wood pallet block machine are pressed pallet blocks, and they have a smooth and beautiful surface.
5. The sizes of pressed pallet blocks can be customer’s demands, and the sizes range from 75*75-145*145 mm, and 90*90 mm and 100*100 mm are the common styles. One machine could make two different sizes of pressed wood pallet blocks.

Specifications of Wood Pallet Block Machine

Size (mm) 4800*780*1320 4800*780*1320 4800*900*1420
Length and width of block (mm) 75-145
Power (kW) 16.86 22.26 30.26
Density (kg/m3) 550-600
Glue consumption (kg/m3) 90-100
Production efficiency (m3/24h) 2-5 3-6 5-9
Dimension with saw (mm) 8000*600*1500 8000*700*1500 8000*700*1500
Weight (kg) 1000 1500 2000
Block size: 75-145 mm in width, 75-145 mm in length. Customized by customers required.

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