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Plastic Pallet Moulding Machine

Plastic pallet moulding machine is used to produce pressed plastic pallet, also called plastic pallet molding machine, compressed plastic pallet machine, and plastic pallet pressing machine. Plastic pallet moulding machine is the ideal equipment of recycling plastic waste into molded plastic pallet.

Product Details

Plastic pallet moulding machine is the equipment of plastic pallet machine mainly designed for recycling waste plastics into the main products of plastic pallets. It can change the waste into treasure, which processes waste plastics into the green plastic pallet and protect the environment.

Raw materials: waste plastics, recycled materials
The final product: pressed plastic pallet

Structure Features of Plastic Pallet Moulding Machine

1. The structure adopts mechanical, pneumatic and electrical combination.
2. PLC system controls all actions with touch screen (HMI) operation, which is easy and convenient. And all production data can record and recall any time.
3. Production counting, which can auto-stop or alarm in advance.
4. The hydraulic transmission is adjustable, and accurate and steady running.
5. The hydraulic columns have the nice characteristics with nice rigidity, wear–resistance and exact guiding performance.
6. All the parts are modules design, which is easy install and maintain.

Advantages of Plastic Pallet Moulding Machine

Plastic pallet machine has low requirements for raw materials, no washing, and no granulation. The price of the raw materials is less than 50%, so the production cost is also lower than 50%. In addition, the technology process of plastic pallet making line is easier, and easy to operate.

Plastic pallet machine is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with high automation, and saving labor.

The equipment cost of plastic pallet machine is greatly reduced compared with the existing plastic injection molding equipment.

Plastic pallet moulding machine is the ideal equipment to recycle waste plastic. And plastic pallet machine is changing the waste plastic into plastic pallet, so it helps to protect the environment.

The quality of final plastic pallets is as good as the traditional ones. Meanwhile, the final plastic pallets are one-piece design, which is saving space 60% than the traditional ones.

ThoYu plastic pallet machine had been sold to Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and India, and other countries and region. And they are running well, if you want to visit our customers’ production sites, you can contact us.

Specifications of Plastic Pallet Moulding Machine

Model TYSLYJ-1000
Voltage 220 V/380 V, 50 Hz, three-phase
Capacity 240 pieces/day (24 hours)
Power 18.5 kW
Hydraulic cylinder diameter 350 mm
Hydraulic cylinder quantity 4 pieces
Pressure 0-1000 tons (adjustable)
Shaping cycle 350 seconds
Weight 22 tons
Dimension 2000*1400*3500 mm

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