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Plastic Extrusion Machine

The plastic extrusion machine is a kind of plastic extrusion equipment that melts and extrudes plastic raw materials. It is continuously extruded in a flowing state by heating and pressurizing. It has the advantages of high efficiency and low unit cost. It is used to produce molded plastic pallets. Necessary equipment in the production line.

Product Details

This plastic extrusion machine is a single-screw plastic extruder, which is equipped with a feeding system, a high-torque reduction box, a lubrication system, an extrusion system, a heating system and an automatic control system. Most of the parts and electrical components adopt NSK, ABB, Well-known foreign brands such as Schneider have the characteristics of stable operation, high efficiency, and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Applicable raw materials: various waste plastics, plastic films, plastic particles, etc.

Working Principle of plastic extrusion machine

The working of plastic extrusion machine is divided into four steps: feeding, compression, plasticization and extrusion, each section is heated separately, after feeding at the feed port, the screw rotates, the material is conveyed forward and gradually melted, and the material is discharged after reaching the compression section Inner gas, the material is further plasticized by shearing and mixing under the action of the barrel, and finally reaches the extrusion section and is evenly extruded.

Performance characteristics of plastic extrusion machine

1. The temperature control of the host adopts an intelligent temperature control instrument to ensure the accuracy of the processing temperature.
2. The needle roller bearings are imported from Japan, and the radial bearings of the bearing reduction torque distribution system are all Japanese NSK bearings.
3. The gears are made of high-quality alloy materials, and the precision is manufactured in accordance with ISO1328-1995 cylindrical gears. All gears are carburized and quenched with hard tooth surfaces.
4. Special gear grinding software is used to trim gears to ensure gear strength, uniform tooth load, high strength, low noise and low vibration.
5. The heater is heated by a cast aluminum heater, with five zones heating and five zones cooling.
Using gear oil pump unit, stable oil supply and low noise.
6. The oil and water pipes are separated from the body for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Technical parameters of plastic extrusion machine

Model TYJC-180
Aspect ratio 33:1
Screw diameter 180 mm
Screw speed 75 rpm
Length of cylinder 5940 mm
Screw center height 1230 mm
main motor power 110 kW

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