Pallet Legs Nailing Machine

Pallet legs nailing machine is for the professional production of European pallets, compressed pallet blocks and solid wood pallet blocks are both available. Pallet legs nailing machine can greatly improve work efficiency. Pallet legs nailing machine is high automation, simple structure, flexible adjustment (manual + program), and easy to maintain.

Product Details

The operating system of pallet legs nailing machine adopts imported PLC control, touch screen operation and convenient control. And legs nailer can be customized according to customer requirements, the regular size is below 1300 mm. The nail gun brand can be specified, the number of nails can be flexibly adjusted, and the nailing position is neat and beautiful. The nail plate is enlarged, and each coil nail is 2000 pieces, which reduces the number of nail changes.

Automatic pallet legs nailing machine is one-man operation and our training period is only 3 days. The nail gun adopts the Stanley brand, and can be quickly and manually eliminated after the staple is block. The nailing position is determined by the servo motor and the inductive switch.

Features of pallet legs nailing machine

1. Widely wood board size application: the length, width and thickness of wood board has a range of size.
The components of the machine use Schneider brand electric components, Airtac brand pneumatic components, others use first-line brand products.
2. The production control by PLC control system, the PLC touch screen use Siemens brand product, and the program is designed by ourself, accurate nailing position, more reasonable and more humane.
3. The nailing gun is equipped with MAX CN70, No jamming, no missing nails and have long service life.
4. Customized service, we offer different customized product of the numbers of nail gun, the size of pallet, the voltage, the formula of nailing position, and also with the logo.

Technical Parameters of Pallet Legs Nailing Machine

Model TYLN-1300
Working flow Manual feeding-Auto nailing
Operating mode Touch screen control
Motor power 0.75 kW servo Siemens motor
Weight 1100 kg
Speed 4-6 sec/leg
Production efficiency 720 legs/h
Voltage Customized
Bottom size Adjustable

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