Pallet Chamfer Machine

Pallet chamfer machine is one machine for wood pallet stringer, and it can chamfer the bottom stringer with a small edge, and make the lift fork can hold the wood pallet easily. Chamfer function: the wooden pallet bottom plate automatically pours out the corners, which is convenient to push the cart, the forklift enters and leaves.

Product Details

Pallet chamfer machine can automatically the wooden floor to pour out the edges and corners, to facilitate the cart, forklift access; continuous feeding, feeding groove single put 30 pieces of material; the progressive motor, according to the production need to be adjusted slot size.

Working Principle of Pallet Chamfer Machine

When the equipment is running, the worker puts the whole piece of wood to be processed on the operation table. When placing the wood, it is necessary to pay attention to placing the wood in the feeding trough of the machine operation table to prevent the wood material from shifting during the movement. The wood is pushed forward at a constant speed to the cutting blade as the chain runs, and the blade rotates the milling edge. The wood from the side of the milling is pushed along with the running chain to the finished product discharge chute, and the milling process is completed.

Features of Pallet Chamfer Machine

1. High precision: cut out of wood material, vertical section, smooth and uniform.
2. Low cost, less manpower, size convenient adjustment.
3. Easy operation: equipment simple structure, one worker can operate.
4. High security: the whole operation process, workers’ fingers touch less than the cutting blade.
5. Simple structure, convenient operation, high efficiency, the work can be 700 per hour of the wood; the edge of the product section smooth and neat, uniform specifications.
6. Size can adjust: can input values, adjust the truncation of different lengths of wood material.
7. Working mode: continuous automatic feeding and discharging, 2 sides at the same time out

Technical Specification of Pallet Chamfer Machine

Model TYDB-400
Overall dimension 3350*850*1300 mm
Power 3 kW
Capacity 700 pieces/hour
Max width 30-40 mm
Deck board 90-130 mm
PLC control Adjustable size
Touch screen Easy to adjust
Speed control Changeable
Max speed 8000 rpm
Voltage 380 V, 50 Hz, 3P
Net weight 350 kg

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