Pallet Block Cutting Saw

Pallet block cutting saw (multiple-blade model) is mainly used for cutting wood and European-pallet blocks. And it also can be used for efficient and precise cutting production of sawdust pallet blocks, multi-layer pallet blocks, and solid wood pallet blocks.

Product Details

Pallet block cutting saw is mainly used for cut plywood foot pier, wood shavings foot pier, wood sawdust pallet foot pier, also can cut the real wood board into small pieces, it can adjust the block size as you need. It is the one important machine for the wooden sawdust block making line.

The pallet block cutting machine consists of the conveying mechanism, cutting mechanism, and split mechanism.

Pallet block cutting saw is fully automatic feeding and unloading, maximizing efficiency, and one-man operation. The operation greatly saves labor and improves the utilization rate of the wood. When feeding, the wood is pressed up and down, and the cutting is stable. The minimum cut size is 70 mm.

Advantages of Pallet Block Cutting Saw (Multiple-Blade Model)

The capacity of pallet block cutting saw (multiple-blade model) is related to the size of the customer’s wooden pallet blocks. And two pallet blocks can be cut at the same time below 100 mm. The feed port can increase the storage platform to assist in automatic feeding. Cutting the different sizes of wooden pallet blocks requires replacing the bushings and the dials between the giant pieces.

The saw blade is specially customized and has a keyway with the spindle. The diameter of saw blade is 355 mm and is available in two grades, normal and professional. Wood cutting saw (multiple-blade model) is equipped with the normal-grade saw blade.

The saw blade has two types of 60-tooth and 80-tooth, and the cut of 80-tooth is smoother. The saw blade can be ground and the gear grinding machine can be selected for a fee. The number of normal operations is 2 workers. Wood cutting saw (multiple-blade model) does not contain dust removal and has a dust removal interface. Add dust removal equipment for a fee.
Pallet block cutting saw (multiple-blade model) does not need to be installed.

Technical Parameters of Pallet Block Cutting Saw (Multiple-Blade Model)

Model TYDP-1250
Overall dimension 1960*1560*1360 mm
Main motor power 22 kW
Feeding motor power 1.1 kW
Max cut length 1250 mm
Max cut width 200 mm
Max cut thickness 110 mm
Speed of mainshaft 3000 r/min
Capacity 5 m3/hour

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