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Multilayer Plywood Pallet Block Machine

Automatic multilayer plywood pallet block machine is also called the automatic multilayer pallet block nailing machine. And ThoYu has independently developed pallet block machine with the industry leading technology, which undergone more than one year of technological breakthroughs.

Product Details

Multilayer plywood pallet blocks are made of composite board or plywood, which are cut into the required size, and then are nailed them together. They are also the earliest fumigation-free pallet feet. At present there are two kinds of raw materials such as new composite board and leftover material.

The production process of automatic multilayer plywood pallet block machine is undergoing technological innovations to achieve complete one time from raw materials molding, nailing, edge planing and cutting. The unique technology of automatic multilayer plywood pallet block machine ensures the final pallet blocks to meet the strict inspection standards. Besides, it is also the ideal alternative to the waste building board pallet block. Automatic pallet block machine broke the previous multi-process production of most manufacturers in the domestic market: manual ranking board, manual air gun nailing, and manual air gun nailing, hand-cutting by push table saws, and edge shaping by edge planer.

Now automatic pallet block machine has successfully operated in a number of production companies. In addition, automatic multilayer plywood pallet block machine has been sold well at home and abroad.

Features of Automatic Multilayer Plywood Pallet Block Machine

Automatic production equipment for full-automatic multilayer plywood pallet block machine. The whole process is full automation, from feeding plywood—automatic nailing—automatic planing—automatic size pressurization—automatic cutting to finished product output. That is, multilayer plywood pallet block machine is with high degree of automation.

Place and position the material and fix it with clamping plates on both sides to reduce the impact on material displacement.

The placement and positioning of raw materials adopts two side clamping boards fixing, to reduce the impact on the product quality due to the displacement of material. Full process is with one-touch automatic control, smooth operation, stable production, and then continuous operation for a long time.

Automatic pallet block machine adopts the combination of high-quality intelligent operating system and perfect automation technology. So it can realize the production of different specifications of pallet block according to the user’s needs. At the same time, it also minimizes labor costs.

More than 85% of the parts of the whole pallet block machine adopt domestic high-end brands to ensure the stable quality. Thus, the customers have no technical problems.

A number of independent core technologies converge on pallet block machine to ensure that the nail depth of each pallet block is consistent, the tension is uniform, and the cutting is smooth. Therefore, we guarantee the high quality of final pallet block. Meanwhile, it also can minimize the loss of raw materials.

Technical Parameters of Automatic Multilayer Plywood Pallet Block Machine

Model TYDCJD-800
Product Size 75*75 mm~145*145 mm (customized as required)
Power 3 kW*2+7.5 kW+0.75 kW
Voltage Customized as required
Air pressure 8 kg/cm2
Capacity 6 m3/ 8 h
Machine size 5600 mm in length * 1380 mm in width * 800 mm (two parts combination)

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