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Heavy Duty Wood Crushing Machine

Heavy duty wood crushing machine is designed and developed according to industrial requirement, it belongs to wood crushing and pulverizing equipment. And heavy duty wood crusher is widely applied in variety of industries such as paper-making, high-density board, fiberboard, chipboard and wood particle board processing, edible fungi cultivation, wood pellet making, boilers and gas stoves combustion.

Product Details

Heavy duty wood crushing machine is a new crusher independently researched and developed by our company with many years of working experience, compared with the traditional hammer wood shredding machine, the new heavy duty wood crushing machine is more reasonable and can reach the national call: Let environmental protection be more favorable, and use green to show the future.

We supplies various kinds of crusher machines: Diesel, Electric energy Mobile machines; blade, hammer mill and multifunctional wood crusher machines.

Application of Heavy Duty Wood Crushing Machine

1. Heavy duty wood crushing machine is mainly used in all kinds of crop stalk, cotton firewood, pine, miscellaneous wood, waste wood, bamboo straw, clover, peanuts shells, cotton seed fur, etc.
2. Heavy duty wood crusher can process the wood, branches into sawdust or powder. The final materials of wood crusher can be used to make biomass pellet, paper, pet net, and so on, so the wood crusher is widely used in many fields.

Heavy Duty Wood Crushing Machine working principle

The heavy Duty Wood Crushing Machine mainly consists of a trough feed conveyor, a smashing device, a lower discharge screw, a fan, and a dust collector. After the wood enters the grinding chamber through the feeding trough conveyor, it can be crushed in one step without drying. The crushed product is naturally shed into the lower storage silo of the host. The storage silo has a screw conveyor and sends the crushed sawdust out to the crusher. The air volume generated by the comminution is brought into the dust collector by the fan so that perfect dust-free shredding can be achieved.

Features of Heavy Duty Wood Crushing Machine

1. Rational design, compact structure, safe and durable, and high productivity.
2. Low noise, simple structure, compact layout, and competitive price.
3. Stable work, low consumption, high efficiency, high quality, low cost, and energy saving.
4. Easy to operate and maintain.
5. Long lifetime.

Technical Specifications of Heavy Duty Wood Crushing Machine

Model TYFS-1500
Capacity 4-8 t/h
Main Power 2*55 Kw+7.5Kw
Rotating speed 2500 rpm
Quantity of hammer 66 pieces
Material of hammer Manganese Steel
Materials of screen Wear plate
Spindle material 40cr
String cutter plate material 45# Steel
Screw conveyor size (output) 273×4000 mm
feeding conveyor 1000×8000 mm
Voltage 380 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase
Weight 6.5 tons
Dimension of crushing box 930x1500mm
Overall Dimension 4300x2700x3300mm

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