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Drum Wood Chipping Machine

Drum wood chipper machine is the special equipment for producing wood chips, which is widely used in particleboard factory, medium and high-density board factory, straw factory, biomass power plant, and wood chip factory, and so on.
Drum wood chipper mainly consists of a frame, shell, shaft, hammer, and induced fan, which is simple in design and easy to replace.

Product Details

Drum wood chipper is a dedicated device producing quality wood chips for energy generation and wood pulp industry. That’s why it is popular in places where wood chips used as the starting material for further production like wood pellet plant, particleboard mill, fiberboard factory, biomass power plant, etc.

The chipping materials are of great variety such as wood, stalk or straw, etc. Our drum wood chipper machine is extremely robust and scientifically designed which can transfer wood materials into uniform and high-quality chips.

What raw material can be used for Drum wood chipper machine

Our wood chip making machine prices is versatile and suitable to chip a myriad of raw materials for wood pelletizing.

For wood materials, it can chip undersized branches, slabs, plump wood, panels manufacturing, leftovers of furniture factories, plant fibers, and so on.
For non-wood materials, drum chipper is fit for sugarcane stalk, bulrush, and bamboo.

How does Drum Wood Chipper Work?

Wood materials enter the chipper cavity through the conveyor system and the feeding port. Wood materials are chipped into wood chips under the shearing stress of the high-speed rotating flying knives and the bed knife installed on the machine base. The qualified chips pass through the screen holes below the knife roll and are discharged through the discharging port. A little larger wood chips, which cannot pass through the screen holes, continue to be chipped again.

Structure of Drum Wood Chipper Machine

1. New design blade rotor, blades are easy to replaceable.
2. Cover of crushing chamber could be opened by hydraulic, ease for maintenance, and changeable blades.
3. Screen mesh size is customized for different requirements on the size of the end product.
4. Hydraulic buffer system ensures smooth operation.
5. Reverse feeding device, belt conveyor can be reversed positively. This device can protect the machine when large wood is encountered.
6. Higher capacity than the traditional type, larger feeding size, could chip log diameter 230-500mm.

Drum Wood Chipper Machine Model Parameter

Type TYXP-215 TYXP-216 TYXP-218
Production capacity (t/h) 3-5 5-8 8-12
Knife-cylinder diameter (mm) 500 600 800
Feeding port size (mm) 160*400 570*260 700*300
Revolving speed (rotate/min) 590 600 550
Feeding raw materials max diameter (mm) 160 220 250
Chip size (mm) 15-30 15-30 15-30
Main motor power (kW) 45 55 110
Dimension (mm) 1470*1550*970 2850*2050*1500 3200*2400*1650

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