CNC Pallet Nailing Machine

We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of nailing machines. The CNC pallet nailing machine adopts double stations and can be nailed up and down at the same time. It can produce pallets of European standard, American standard and various customized sizes, one machine can produce different size of pallet with Easy size adjustment.

Product Details

CNC pallet nailing machine is controlled by a numerical control system, automatically nails up and down, and is equipped with an automatic palletizing function. The scrap rate in the production of pallets is small, which can save wood and reduce the cost of pallets. The finished pallets are beautiful and tidy.

Automatic nailing and stacking are connected into the whole production line. After the nailing process is completed, the finished wooden pallets are automatically flipped onto the stacking platform and stacked neatly. So that it can achieve the effect of automatic receiving, which is convenient for forklift transportation; at same time, saving the time of the nailing machine and the stacking operation. On account of the workpieces do not need to be stacked and rotated, and directly flipped into the lifting platform. It not only reduces the labor intensity, but also reduces time and space for handling.

Features of CNC Pallet Nailing Machine

1. High Efficiency: 3 people can produce 1000 pieces in 8 hours;
2. Finished Product: Nailing position and depth are identical; Nailing position is optionally edited; Deviation is less than 1mm;
3. Stability: Lovely design and structure; Prefer to use Japan and Germany accessories; Devise of nail missing can be equipped optional
4. Time and labor Saving: Use big tray nail; Nail changing easily; Top and bottom nailing simultaneously; Automatic stacking;
5. Multifunction: Apply in solid wood , panel wood pallet, base of packing box, side panel and cover panel;
6. Safety: No special requirement for operator, equipped with photoelectric switch and security light screen to ensure safe production;


CNC pallet nailing machine is suitable for CP1-CP9 pallets (all kinds of pallets, American pallets, and Euro pallets). For the same type of different size pallets, it needs to adjust the fixture; for different type pallets, it needs to change the fixture.

Specifications of CNC Pallet Nailing Machine

Model TYDD-201
Capacity 2 pallets/minute
Working mode Manual feeding/Auto Nailing/Auto stacking
Operating mode Industrial LCD computer
Operational mode Intelligent control system
Motor power servo motor
Max power 7.5 kW
Processing dimension (length, width, thickness) Customized
Feeding speed 80 m/min
Discharging speed 80 m/min
Speed of the nail gun 80 m/min
Number of the nail gun 9
Voltage 380 V, 50 Hz, 3P
Air compressor 100 L
Workers needs 2-3 workers
Nail size 32-90 mm
Overall dimensions 4540*5200*1985 mm
Weight 3500 kg

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