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American Pallet Nailing Machine

American pallet nailing machine mainly can apply for produce American stringer pallets and non-standard American pallets. American pallet nailing machine is equipped auto stacking platform, wood pallet lifting device, and flip picking device. So pallet nailing machine for non-standard American pallet is with high degree automation, smooth close process, complete nailing, and stacking in one time.

Product Details

American pallet nailing machine can produce stringer pallet, American pallet, and non-standard American pallet. It adopts a full automatic system, PLC control, simple touch screen operation, accurate pinning position with high efficiency. The capacity is 100-200 pcs/h, need 2-4 workers to operate.

How does American Pallet Nailing Machine work?

Step 1: Put the pallet vertical bottom panels on American pallet nailing machine, and it will be clamp automatic.
Step 2: Then, put the horizontal panels, American pallet nailing machine will nail then together automatically. Then the same way nail the top side.
Step 3: The automatic stacking system of American pallet nailing machine can add transport system, then it can make the pallets stack more to save your space and labor cost.

Characteristics of American Pallet Nailing Machine

Pallet type: non-standard American pallet, Stringer/American pallets, customizable special shaped pallets
Suitable for wood pallet size: 1200*1000 mm, 1200*800 mm, 1100*1100 mm, 1300*1100 mm, and so on.
Stringer height: 70-130 mm
Stringer width: 30-50 mm
Tolerance: +/-3 mm
Foot & roof board thickness: 10-25 mm
Easy adjustable pallet size

Advantages of American Pallet Nailing Machine

Operation: American pallet nailing machine will auto clamping after the worker put the wood pallet bottom bean in the machine, then put wood pallet plate, after automatic nailing. When complete it, the work needs to flip the other side, put the plate in, then nailing it.

Operation program: Touch screen control, advanced programming, feeding mechanism, and nailing machine multi-axis linkage at the same time when working. American pallet nailing machine achieves fast and efficient nailing work. One more thing, it could switch different program basis on different material plates to produce nonstandard pallets.

Automatic stacking: American pallet nailing machine will form a line with nailing machine, after nailing, flip the wood pallet to stacking platform. It will achieve the effect of automatic collect wood pallet and easy to transport. It saves labor and operation time.
Technical Parameters of American Pallet Nailing Machine

Model TYMD-1300
Productivity 1-2 pallets/minute
Motor power 1.5 kW servo motor
Function Making wood pallet
Air pressure 0.8 MPa
Voltage 380 V, three-phase
Working mode Artificial feeding/Auto nailing/Auto stacking
Operating mode Touch screen control
Operational mode Pneumatic operation
Nail gun speed 7 time/second
Nail apply Less than 80 mm
Application Wood pallet production line
Applicable industries Manufacturing plant

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