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Air Flow Dryer

Air flow wood dryer is to dry the moisture from 12% to 6%-8% before the material (e.g. sawdust) is put into block extruding machine, if the material’s moisture is above 12%. The air flow drying machine productivity is adjustable as the requirements of customers. Air flow dryer is widely used in the wood material drying industry, and is preparing dried materials for pressed wood pallet or pressed pallet block production.

Product Details

The air flow dryer machine is also called as momentary dryer. From 1960s it is applied at the pharmaceutical industry. At the beginning of thundation, we began to choose the newest technology both at home and abroad and provide complete equipment with high quality and cheap price to the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry, and so on.

What are the raw materials that air flow dryer can dry?
Sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, wood materials, rice husks, cotton stalks, and so on, which are the raw materials (less than 3 mm in diameter, less than 5 mm in length).

Features of Air Flow Dryer

1. Air flow wood dryer applies the principle of instantaneous drying air to dry the moisture of raw materials.
Direct heating, fast drying, and high drying strength. Since the material is highly dispersed in the air stream, the entire surface of the particles is actively dried.
2. Short drying time, low energy consumption, and high thermal efficiency.
3. Air flow wood dryer has simple structure, small footprint, and easy to build and repair.
4. Air flow wood drying machine is equipped automatic speed-adjusting feeding machine, electric rolling screen, and discharging conveyor, which can automatically stop and feed according to the moisture content of the dried materials.
5. The moisture content of the dried materials are 8%-12%, so air flow wood dryer is the perfect equipment that preparing raw materials for pallet block production.

How Does Air Flow Dryer Work?

Air flow wood dryer is based on the principle of instantaneous drying of air flow. And the powder/chip/granular wood of wet shavings sawdust is continuously added to the drying pipe by the screw conveyor. In the transportation and dispersion of the high-speed hot air flow, the moisture in the wet material is evaporating to obtain the dried wood materials.

Specifications of Air Flow Wood Dryer

Air flow wood dryer
Model TYQL-30 TYQL-40
Power (kW) 7.5 7.5
Capacity (kg/h) 800 900
Big pipe diameter (mm) 320 400
Small pipe diameter (mm) 220 320
Pipe thickness (mm) 2 2
Supply air volume (m3/h) 9000 10000
Energy efficiency index 85% 85%
Moisture content of raw materials 20% 30%
Note: customized service is available.

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